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Beautiful Pictures and Poems: Storms and High Seas in Madeira

The photos below are of storms on the Island where I live. The weather: usually a temperate climate, being the main attraction of Madeira, certainly has her moments. The sun is banished from the skies and the sea morphs into a black liquid demon. The wind arrives with the rain; her best friend and all hell breaks loose. Together they rise; an angry sea and a furious wind reigning havoc on the Island. No mercy is given and no surrender accepted.

In the photo directly below: the wave was more than 40ft high and came crashing into a solid cement wall, ripping through the concrete like children's lego. The supporting steel swayed in the wind like giant pipe cleaners. A mass of steel and concrete reduced to nothing but a wire, cement mess; once solid and strong reduced to nothing by the fury of water.

People stopped their cars to stare in awe at such strength and energy. Gasping as the waves continued to crash against the crumbling wall. Cameras flashed again and again. The waves seemed to relish in the attention; desperate to show a strenght that caused such emotion among it's audience.


Each wave came in a fury, leaving her mark on the shore

bearing her individuality, she erupted from the core

a caged animal, full of anger and rage

and then from deep within: the final roar.

Pictures and Poems About Storm Seas

Pictures and Poems About Storm Seas

The Arrival

You rise, you gain, you run, you fall...

the most majestic animal of all.

A break to shore, a fleeting rest...

to fly again in full jest.

White foamy locks...

crashing to rocks...

a kiss of spray; you retreat...

and stay away...

duty over till another day.

The Wave

The Wave

Sea Horse

White sea spray mane

in glory surrounds you...

wildly bellowing west.

A galloping stride,


riding to a majestic crest.

The deep blue of under belly...

finally laid to rest.

Surfs Up

Surfs Up

The Wave

She swells. Rises with elegant grace

gathers speed;

begins her race. Seeking her goal,

hunger growing.

Fast, furious energy flowing

a crazed animal; crashing to the floor

once again;

engulfs the rocky shore.



Silver fin

jellied jewel

embedded star

crusted fool

glistening eye

sprat school

eight legged

rainbow scale

pink shell

curled tail

sea cauldron rubble

boil and bubble

all secrets

from the deep

the ocean demon

will forever keep.

Flowing River

Flowing River


Rage engulfing...

you rise and fly...

a furious angry cry.

Steeling all within your path...

expelling wrath.

The monster from the deep;

we pray you return to sleep.

After The Wrath

After The Wrath


Sands of time travel...

over foreign miles of sea.

Deep below the ocean face...

where few dare to flee.

A place of hidden treasures...

among scatter bones lie.

Sunken ships lost forever...

under the blueness of the sky.

Petticoat Thrills

Frothy waves crash to the rocks

feathered blue, petticoat frocks.

Underskirts, layering frills

hot desires, relishing thrills.

Fruits of the sea a hidden tease

a ransom catch for eyes to please.

The Sea Rake

All debris to Davies locker stored

to idol over whilst calm days hoarded.

Awoken from a slumber, anger revived

the devil within, spit to shore

with a frenzied spin.

Treasure cast away,

no longer the jewels of the wanton day.

Alas the fools shall come out to play.

Sea Monster

Monster Wave

Monster Wave

Storms In Madeira

December 2009:

Rivers burst their banks. Landslides covered paths and roads. Rocks were thrown from the sea. Marinas ransacked. Walls smashed. Tunnels Flooded. People stranded. Crops destroyed. The ocean a bubbling mass of destruction.

February 2010:

Rivers burst their banks flooding the lower city, small towns and little villages. The rushing waters had no mercy and took everything in it's path. Houses were smothered in mud, others washed away like children's toys.

Whole roads were swallowed; reduced to a river bed. Boulders the size of buildings were deposited like sugar lumps on the roads. Houses sank and fell into growing rivers. Tunnels were caked in ocean mud.

Local terraces and plantations were wiped out. Thousands of banana plants windswept beyond salvation. Fruits and vegetables lovingly sown, ripped from their beds and washed out to sea.

The ocean was a cauldron of brown liquid. The land a mass of filth. Devastation settled like a black cloak among the people of Madeira. Families lost loved ones, their homes and their livelihood.

Mother Nature stood by and watched.

© 2009 Gabriel Wilson