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Beautiful Echoes of Sparrows

Mr isaiah Ebhodaghe is from Nigeria, he is poet and author of Seven books; The fearless kingdom, the fortunate wedding, Where is the Child.


Beautiful echos of sparrows

The cries of sparrows strengthen

my mind and broaden my thinking.

They woke up with beautiful echos thanking

the most high of its glory.

They sang songs which we cannot

comprehend, but my in stings tells me

they pray, as they woke up this beautiful


They pray against the hocks and vultures,

they against Mr uche's trap, they pray against

kayodes's arrow.

They sang songs which we cannot understand

but my in stings tells me they pray, they pray

for their daily bread.

Tell my people to join the sparrow, even if they

don't understand, but i do. Tell them to join the chorus.

The hen couldn't sing, the hen could not pray, her

children prey for the hocks and vultures.

The sparrows have their day, beautifully

they multiply,because they pray to the most high.