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Beautiful Nothings

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.


Whisper to me beautiful memories

of your past, how life pulled the rug

from beneath you and

left you falling for years. Recall the past mistakes

and why you learned to not trust love.

Remember that sadness from before, and

though you say you forget, you know,

you can’t. It’s okay, my love, my mirror,

let’s fail to forget together.

Whisper to me beautiful promises

that I’m not a result of boredom, Promise me

that I am more than a piece of gum that

has been chewed past flavor, ready to be

discarded at any time and easily replaced. Promise me

that you trust the feelings in your soul

that I feel when our lips caress. Promise me

that I am different from what I was in the

past, that I won’t self-destruct,

killing myself softly, leaving you harmless. Promise me

that if I do, you’d resurrect me and hold me


Whisper to me beautiful eulogies

for our dying youth, as

adulthood and responsibilities creep their stressful heads

closer and closer while our eyes become

redder and redder because

we know if we blink

years will pass, and each

microsecond without each other is

worse than hell.

Whisper to me beautiful destinations

as we travel around, like

a stranded autumn leaf dancing

at the whim of the wind, from

city to city,

searching for a home, for the

three of us.

Whisper to me beautiful tragedies,

as the rain pours apathetically

on our beach day because

our luck evaporated when we cursed out

God. But, He deserved it, for He

took our child away.

Whisper to me beautiful notes

with your voice of gold. Harmonize

in a way that ensures me we are on

the right path and

the way you look at me hasn’t changed.

Serenade me with words of bliss,

that you’re happy and life is perfect because

mistakes died with

our youth. Massage my ears with ideas

that will calm my worrying mind, ideas that will make

me forget you said another man’s name in bed.

Whisper to me beautiful lies

and tell me that

time is imaginary, the credits

never roll, and we will live


Lie and tell me that

I’m everything that you’ve ever

dreamed, so forever isn’t long enough.

Sin to me

and tell me that

love triumphs above all, and together,

we can overcome everything. Get ugly

and tell me that you will

always love me always and always and

forever and always for infinite.

Whisper to me beautiful nothings,

beautiful anythings,

just so I can hear your voice

one last time.

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