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Beautified Lie Sounds And Looks So Much Better Than An Ugly Truth

Emee.chan is exploring beautiful lies and what they can be used for.


A Lie Wearing A Mask Of Truth

Beautiful lies create ties
Not meant to last a lifetime,
Just until the goal is achieved.

Eyes might be seeing fine,
But the mind is blind to the
Obvious truth that could and
Would most certainly hurt.

So why not pretend a little longer,
Enjoy the illusion while it lasts.
Cruelty can often be clothed in
The finest material.

Illusions look stunning, bringing
Spectators nothing but utter bliss.
Decorated in extravagant jewellery
Made of deception and ignorance.

The fault is ours, for being so
Easily convinced by the superficial,
Abandoning logic and common sense
For something fragile and non-existent.

Let us be fooled a little more,
At least until the lie's mask falls off
After midnight, revealing in its stead
The truth staring us in the face,
Merciless and unswayed by anything.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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