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Beach is not Accessible

Boy looks forward to a dream
A wish that's contained and still:
'When I'm eight, take me to beach'
And 'tis the day to fulfill—

The dream to step on white sand
And feel the salty breeze rise
While watching the sea shines grand;
Paradise before his eyes!

Thought of dancing with water
And playing with the sea waves
Causing his heart pound faster
Every part of him's amazed

But the wish couldn't be granted
For his body is a mess.
The very day he waited
Was destroyed by the sickness

Instead of the soft, white sand,
He lay in hospital bed;
Despite doctor's helping hand
'No beach for me', the boy said

In world of reality,
He showed a really sad smile,
Like he hugged his destiny
That beach is in more than mile

After three dawns did happen
The boy whose hair did not last
Climbed to the stairs of heaven
Let go of the beach he did grasp

© 2019 Eyji Noblesmith

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