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Be Silent

Be Silent

Love is always two way but my case is different,

I was packed with more tears during my moulding days,

All I do is shed them to stay normal like others. I have a cycle in my life,

For this I regret because I always have to redo my tests.

One day I decided to love, Love unconditionally; as they always want it,

Tribulations did not shun me away, I stood tall and believed there was a way,

In him they saw a man, All I saw was a 'gentleman'.

I packed my heart and started walking, A walk of love,

Determination, With no doubt of negative life lines,' false hope'. I wish I took a walking stick with me,

Because I was blind the whole journey, But struggled to impress the love of my heart,

For he deserved all sacrifices there would be. With a rose in one hand,

I raised my hand to say yes and get this lad, Whose description suits any other 'best man' you'll want,

'Tall, dark and handsome';Alpha male; Smiles and kisses to the crowds, To seal the Cains and mistreats that awaited. 'Don't speak while am speaking',

I never heard that tone before, But it's now my daily meal,

Sometimes I wish all this could heal, He was all false all the time I stayed true,

But since I chose this path of life, My rose will stay in my hands,

And one day my pool of tears will make a river,And I will swim away to my small clinic: To heal.


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