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Every wind is favourable
if an experienced captain is at the helm
Every tree which is flexible
survives the daily battering of the elements

The courageous seeker goes deep
into the ruin, putting life and limb on line
in order to look for the rarest treasure

It is Written,
"...Truly where there is pain there is gain"
as well as,
"...We have created man for toil and trial"

When all paths end, the real journey begins
be bold, this is not for the meek of spirit
who avoid ascension of spirit like the plague

Now consider these words,
"He is the First and Last, Outer and the Inner"
So why are you teetering at the precipice,
dive into this Divine Ocean at once!

Journey deep inside your self, O wayfarer!
All your answers are hidden within, where
the jewel mine of infinite happiness,
Angels, as well as the Divine Friend await
welcoming you to back to the Eternal Sea of Light.

Quran 94:5
Quran 90:4
Quran 57:3

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