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Unconquered : To Everyone And Everything

Here's your poet friend with another amazing poem that will make you rethink friendship



Life as blur as a fog?,

Breathing in happiness has turned into a choking smog?,

But, let the poisonous destiny be the most absurd,

You'll always find me unconquered.

People cheated and treated me like a clown,

But, now it's a habit and dosen't even make me feel down,

Let there be the worst talks for me in the herd,

You'll always find my trust unconquered.

Some wrong turns,

Some wrong ways,

Let's Just forget the ugly days,

Let the path have obstacles like the spell of a wizard,

You'll always find my steps unconquered.

Let's get the brain working at a small price of stress,

Let's put that brain to work on a path that does not depress,

If walking this path makes me happy and where success is just rumoured,

You'll always find my work and affection unconquered.

Maybe I started something with a vision that's blurry,

Maybe this decesion was taken in a hurry,

But, even if this proves to not fly, but make me a bit stable and hovered,

You'll always find my hope unconquered.


Let's be unconquered by failures and problems to conquer success.

Be unconquered

This poem trys to convince you that whether the circumstances may be the worse, whether the whole world is trying to conquer you with their opinions and comments on you, that make you feel depressed and sad, it's necessary to remain unconquered and walk on the path we feel happy with but also make sure it's leading us to somewhere good and the destination of your path will prove to be useful in life.

© 2021 Husamuddin Chittalwala

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