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Raising God-conscious, moral, successful children with a sense of civic responsibility in today’s world

Brethren,I am betrothed to two beautiful damsels
The fairer,loves the way my hands work on her ripened melons
The other,has deep hues that stand out like a black Pearl on a sandy beach

Advice me,sons of my father
How to love both,each as well as the other
For I am lost
When one grabs my stake
And demands a squirt
While the other,craves for my versatile hands
To serve her a juicy steak!

Forget it
The idea to make a choice
For i am equally smitten by both
I smile every time I dip my ladle
In her smouldering pot
Or drizzle for the other
Everything I got

Brethren, can't you see my predicament?
Should I serve the red wine for the other as a sacrament
Or drip my ink for the melanated
As a testament?

© 2022 Ephantus Macharia

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