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Be the Way You Want to Make This World.

Swati Sharma, a freelance content writer, aims is to reach the world through her articles and identify herself as the best author.


A Beautiful World

How long can you stop someone
in the end, you will have to give up

Haven't learned to take care of yourself
'How can you handle others?

People look into the affairs of others
You don't have time to look inside yourself

Good work to improve the world
But it's better to start with yourself

Stop now too, to count the shortcomings in the people
Today put some goodness of your own in front

The day you see yourself in the mirror
Maybe you will find yourself the worst or best

Accepting shortcomings is not easy for everyone
Can you do something so hard

It's better than this short life
live good with being good

Bad will be found in everyone
But you live only by finding good

Let's look at ourselves again in the mirror today
Consider the world as beautiful as you

Now there will be no evil in the world
We will see the world as we become

Thank You, God, For This Beautiful World

© 2021 Swati Sharma