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Be the Change in the World

Me and my universe

Me and my universe

This is our time to understand the world

to get a closer glimpse of reality

for what it really is;

I want to believe in a universe of good and pure;

Love to all the beauty in the world.

Why is the kind-hearted being demolished?

Why are we pushed down to think we are not worthy of real happiness?

I want a real change in the world

to let those individuals know, they are meant for so much more,

You are not alone!

Even through the struggles that life throws at us right now

you will make it to your destiny;

nor money or fame or popularity will give you true happiness

it’s who you are and what you have inside that matters.

For I too struggle

Rotting my brain with negativity

Tearing myself down

While giving others advice on positivity.

For I too understand what failure feels like;

Falling and picking up my cross daily

I am not perfect,

I am not happy go lucky 24/7

I am not who you think I am.

I pick up the pace every day

Waiting for the day I can find peace

I know my time is near

I will succeed

I will get up each day

I will seek the man above

For I know he would never let me down

I know this is basic but I am real

Never give up!

Never lose focus on your dreams

We may fail

We may lose sight at times

But we can change someone’s life

With our words

With our actions

We can make a change