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Be Not a Dream Anymore


The time keeps flying,

We do run with the routine.

We text, we talk and we smile.
Yet the distance between us,

and how much my inner mind is missing yew,

It reflects in my dreams.

When I wake up hugging you, I just lean forward to kiss you.
And then I kiss your eyebrow and I feel the bushy hair,

then I kiss your nose feeling the softness,

I bring my hands to enclose you.
All I feel is a vacuum.

All my senses feel you except touch enlightening me that,

you are not by my side.

Let the gap that makes us apart get narrow,

let the distance shorten,

And let the time bring you to me. So that,

You will not be a dream for me anymore!

Long Distance Love Couple

Long Distance Love Couple

© 2018 Weird Birdie


Weird Birdie (author) from SriLanka on November 07, 2018:

@sandramiki885 Hi.

sandramiki885 on July 20, 2018:

hi how are you and do u have gmail

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