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Be Like the Petal in the Sand


Inspirational poetry for enduring the hard times.

A thousand fee trod about,

some hurried, some meandering.

Attached to eyes fixed up and out,

looking for beauty in the world around them.

Missing, all the while, that beauty can be found in the dirt, in the mud, in the murk.

Hurts of the past, while may remain, last but a while.

The bleeding stops, the wound heals, the scar lightens.

There is still beauty to be found amidst such ugliness.

Wear your scars with pride; they tell a story your story.

And, there is no greater story in all of history than the one you own.

Delicate petal of the mountains, grains of sand along the shore come together to

write a song.

One of being adored one day, and utterly battered and weathered the next.

Yet, both remain hardy. Relentless. Unyielding.

Look for the petal in the sand, be the beautiful thing in the dirt.

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