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Be Rooted

Rosualdo is just an ordinary person with an extraordinary God, who wants to spread God’s words and love through writing articles and poems.


Be rooted,

In faith to move mountains,

In confidence to see the gains,

And in hope to look beyond the curtains

Be rooted,

In love to demonstrate God’s nature,

In mercy to exhibit you are mature,

And in kindness to show you are a neighbor

Be rooted,

In courage to face any anxiety,

In strength to stand against adversity,

And in power to overcome the difficulty

Be rooted,

In God’s will to know his intention,

In obedience to fulfill his mission,

And in duty to attain his expectation

Be rooted,

In God’s word to abide in the light,

In his wisdom to know what is right,

And in his Spirit to live holy and upright

Be rooted,

In thankfulness to prove you are humble,

In appreciation to reveal you are reasonable,

And in gratitude to resist the grumble

© 2021 Rosualdo Ponce

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