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Be On The Lookout For Scam Artists

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They Really Burn My Buttons

It was a quiet morning at home

Little did we know

That things could quickly change

The phone rang

I wonder ?

Who could it be?

It was someone calling from Comcast (our local cable service provider)

How nice

We noticed someone trying to get access into your wi-fi account

How considerate

A Richard and a Patrick

Did you give anyone your wi-fi to use ?

My wife said no

We can help you

We can get in your computer and fix it

Then solve all my problems

No actually to create a bunch of new ones

I'm all set my wife answered politely

Then she hung up

She should of given them a piece of her mind

Then slammed the phone down

The number that showed up on our caller id was a Comcast number

The scam artists know how to use the system

To try to fake you out

Comcast or any cable provider would never ask to go into your computer

So to all consumers Beware

We quickly called Comcast

After twenty three minutes on hold

That's not the way I want to spend my morning

We told our story

Comcast thanked us

They appologized for the wait and were going to do a follow up call

Then get back to us with an update

In twenty-four to forty-eight hours

The real Comcast representive asked if this has happened to us before

My wife responded with a No

There is a first time for everything

We wanted to catch them

Before they tried to scam someone else

If you are busy and not thinking

You can give them your private information

With that they can get into your computer

Leave a virus or get any information they need

The elderly can easily be taken advantage of

I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone

So we tried to do the right thing

Sometimes they work out of boilroom operations

They keep moving so the police don't catch them

The best thing to do is not even take the call

They have been known to record your voice

Then use your voice

To get what they want

So we were lucky

There are so many people that aren't so lucky

So I leave you on this positive note

If someone calls and wants to help you

Think again

If someone claims to be someone

Tell them you will call them back later

Talk to a family member or a friend first

Check with your local police department

Nothing is that important

You will be glad you waited

Please pass this on

It could help somebody

Let those scam artists know

It won't be long

Till they are caught red handed

You might of gotten away today

Next time the police will be knocking on your door

If you know what's good for you

You better not answer it

Make a run for it

Hurry, quick go out the back door

Ooops I forget to tell you

About that not so friendly Doberman Pinscher

Ouch that has to hurt !!!!