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Be Happy With Just A Little

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Is It Possible?

In a world of plenty

Wherever we look there is more, more, more

The newest and the best there is

Even that only last for a little bit

Then something else comes along

You guessed it

Wow that is even better than before

So what are we reaching for?

Something we can never have

Are we all rabbits chasing the carrot on the string?

So maybe what we have isn't half bad?

Actually, maybe what we have is really so good

Have you ever watched an info- commercial and said I want that so bad

You can imagine how great your life would be with it

More times than not

It was just a dream

I wanted it until the next dream came along

I would soon forget

Then when I got older

I had money to buy whatever I wanted

So when the next info-commercial came on

I was ready

Charge card in hand

I couldn't order it fast enough

Now all I had to do is wait

When it arrived I knew my life was changed forever

Before it came I thought of so many things I was going to do

It wasn't long

Before the incredible item I bought was tossed in box

Soon to be forgotten about until years later

To this day

I still say

What a waste of money

I learned the hard way

So when you want something more

Ask yourself do I really need it?

Is it going to work like they promise?

Check to see if other people have bought it

If they liked it or did they hate it

Then it is up to you to decide?

Even if you want it

See if you can wait

Until the compulsive urge is passed

Hang on for a week

Maybe you still want it

If you do

You might find someone else that bought it and don't need it anymore

You might be able to safe some money

Then again maybe you will be like me

I don't want it anymore

I rather spend my money elsewhere

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