Battleship Rhymes

Updated on November 11, 2017


In 2005, Planet G is discovered.
It's a planet that is extrasolar.
Believed to be the closest planet to earth.
Having conditions identical to earth.
The next year NASA completes.
A transmissions device in Hawaii.
The device has more power than any before it.
Slacker ALEX HOPPER gets arrested.
For being intoxicated.
Trying to impress SAM SHAME.
Who is the daughter of ADMIRAL SHANE?
STONE HOPPER is the elder brother.
He is also a navy officer.
ADMIRAL SHANE is his boss.
He makes his brother pay the cost.
He makes him sign up for the Navy.
It started out rough process.
But Alex has worked his way up to success.
He now commands the USS Sampson.
He got the Job and the girl.
He got Sam to be in apart of his world.
Meanwhile, NASA's communicating.
Planet G responds by sending.
Five alien ships to Hawaii.
Causing worldwide casualties.
They also discover.
A massive, floating structure.
Alex and two of his members.
Approach with caution the floating structure.
While trying to touch the structure.
They find it's coated with a protector.
That knocks them away.
That protector makes sure they stay away.
The warships emerge from beneath.
Then face the ships to defeat.
Stone's ship issues a warning blast.
The warship responds with a sonic blast.
Stone is forced to fire a warning shot.
The warships to respond with their own shots.
Alex sees his brother die.
He knows that he has to try.
To try to avenge his brother's death.
So he takes control of the ship.
He orders an attack.
But a BEAST says to not do it.
They recover survivors instead.
The structure launches drones to the island.
The drones attack the military infrastructure.
Along with civilian infrastructure.
Sam's a physical therapist.
A companies a double MICK CANELES.
As they hike on a mountain.
Because Caneles legs are prosthetic.
While heading up the mountain.
They're ambushed by aliens.
They find out that the aliens.
Have taken over communications.
Calling for reinforcements.
The military won't be responding.
On Alex ship.
They examine and Alien that slipped.
They thought the Alien was dead.
It then grabbed Alex head.
Reinforcements arrive.
Before it they find.
That the Aliens are sensitive to sunlight.
Sam and Mick recover.
A spectrum analyzer.
They contact Alex and his crew.
Informing them that Aliens intend to.
An attack within a few hours.
Contacting their planet for more power.
Alex is aware of the call.
He and his crew prepare for the for it all.
They destroy and sink two warships.
But the third warship seems to slip.
At dawn, they make the third head east.
They disorganize the alien fleet.
By shooting out their windows.
The crew destroys it with its arsenal.
Alex ship gets destroyed.
Sam sees it all from the shore.
Then worries about Hopper.
But Mick reminds her.
That they all survived.
But with no ship, they decide.
Decide to use their original ship.
After years of just being a museum.
They fire it up with some old wisdom.
They get help from the world's best.
They eliminate the alien threat.

Taylor Kitsch
Alex Hopper
Brooklyn Decker
Greg Gadson
Todanobu Asano
Captain Nagata

Peter Berg


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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