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Battering Sounds of Silence

Endy is a lover of and a practicing writer. He is always learning ways to improve while spilling his gut. He sees writing as life.


Battering Sounds of Silence

Noiselessness and stillness--attributes of her sound
She moves among our race like a haughty ghost
Though dumb, we hear her thunderous voice in our hearts:
Those times we're mercilessly tried and strained,
When we raise our voices to the Lord but we met silence
Her voiceless sound echoes in our hearts,
Something deafening, something plaguing;
Something loud enough to scare the bravest soul
Her stillness causes a ripple of a scary storm:
Causing us to run our imaginations and ruin our lives
O' how I dread you, the sound of silence?


Silence is Louder Than Noise

You can detonate a bomb inside my eardrum,
--I'll not be shaken.
You can play a 50,000decibal amp in my ears,
--I will not awaken.
You can send a thunder to storm my ear-lobes,
--I will not be scared.
But when you let the sound of silence pierce my pinna
--You stirred my imagination and scared my soul

“Silence is so freaking loud”

— ― Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

Silence Speaks the Louder

O' silence, you've no idea how much I hate you.
But you made your way to every call and every affair of mine
I called my dear Lord,
You answered in your still voice.
I called my dear mom,
You answered in her absence.
I called my sweet wife,
You answered because her phone was stolen.
You made me think aloud and hard.
You made me try endlessly to figure-out.
And now that I've called you,
You've gone voiceless and dead.

Silence speaks the louder when the voices of loved ones are still behind the walls and the dark cloud of distance. The sound is not of voices or talks. It's about imaginations, wonders and worries.

— Endurance AUF Noble,


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