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Batman vs. Barbie

Luke Holm earned bachelor's degrees in English and philosophy from NIU. He is a middle school teacher and a creative writer.


Action Figures

When I was a boy,
I led a toy army
against a blonde witch
whose name was beach Barbie.


Barbie Dolls

She sat up high
in her little pink chair
mocking my men
and brushing her hair.

Lego Batman

I captured her castle
with the very best clan--
a legion of Legos
and leader, Batman.

Super Hero

He was clearly invincible
as any might find
a boy's favorite hero
built up in his mind.



He had a cool cruiser
that could drive on the walls
making black tracks
down my mom's halls.



To an outside observer
my room was a mess,
but I guarantee you
it was set up like chess.


Sometimes the battles
would last a whole day--
a moment to me,
a boy lost in play.

Batman Army

When Batman had won
and the Barbie was slain
I'd gather my heroes
and start up again.


© 2017 JourneyHolm

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