Dark Rhymes

Updated on October 23, 2017


Open Book

Master BRUCE WAYNE reminisces.
Of the time that he made the decision.
Decided to fight injustice in his city.
By remembering his parent's killings.
His parents killer was released.
Released and quickly deceased.
CARMINE FALCONE was the suspect.
but the Mafia Boss wasn't rested.
Bruce Confronted him but instead.
He gave him the advice to go ahead.
Bruce met RA'S GHUL who had a temple.
That was called THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS.
Where he was trained by a guy named HENRI.
Trained him to maintain integrity.
Trained him to be tough.
Trained him to never give up.
Unknowingly, they were talking
Talking about destroying.
Destroying Gotham.
Before training ended, Bruce heard them.
Bruce then believed they were corrupt.
He left the league and burned up.
Burned up the temple while he escaped.
Killing its leader while he takes.
Takes his trainer Henri.
Goes to Gotham intending.
Intending to fight injustice.
Became 'Batman' to the public.
Setting his base in a cave.
Thinking it's time for a change.
Went to his family-owned business.
In a search for the company archivist.
LUCIOUS FOX. He allows Bruce.
To take his prototypes and suit.
His first stand for injustice.
Happened when he intercepted.
Intercepted a drug shipment.
While finding some key evidence.
Evidence on Carmine Falcone.
He takes it to New York City's own.
One of the few honest policemen.
Found Falcone and had him arrested.
While in prison, he meets DR.CRANE.
Who makes Falcone insane.
While being transferred to a facility.
The Batman was investigating.
He finds Ra"Ghul is still around.
He is the guy that he trained around.
Henri, he stole from Wayne Enterprise.
Looking to have Gotham vaporized.
Vaporize Gotham's water supply.
Bruce never thought it would be this guy.
He wanted to render Cranes drug airborn.
Causing the city to be in a form.
A form of insanity.
But Bruce doesn't let it be.

Christian Bale
Bruce Wayne
Liam Neeson
Henri Ducard/Ra's Ghul
Tom Wilkinson
Carmine Falcon
Morgan Freeman
Lucious Fox

The Dark Night

Commissioner Gorden

It was a nice day at a Gotham bank.
Criminals walked in to take.
Take money for the mob.
The JOKER comes in and finishes the job.
Got together to form an alliance.
An alliance to rid the crime.
With JIM GORDON taking up time.
Meanwhile, the mob bosses.
Are having a video conference.
With accountant Lau.
Telling them what they should do.
The Joker is among them all.
He interrupts and warns them all.
Asking them to pay him to kill.
& that Batman will find him and make him squeal.
Then a mob boss Gambol.
Listens to joker and begins to insult.
They deny the offer.
Putting a bounty out to kill Joker.
The bounty seemed fulfilled
Joker awakes and kills.
He kills Gambol and goes back.
The mobsters revert back.
& take them up on the offer.
All agreeing to let Joker.
Let Joker be the one.
Meanwhile, Lau is done.
Batman flies to Hong Kong.
He catches Lau and brings him home.
Brings him home to testify.
He squeals. The Joker didn't lie.
Dent apprehended the mob.
But Joker looked to finish the job.
Joker threatens to kill.
If Batman doesn't reveal.
Reveal his ID.
He then started assassinating.
Dent announces that he's Batman.
In hopes of stopping joker's plan.
He is taken in protective custody.
As Batman and Joker are apprehending.
Apprehending the Joker.
Gordon's then promoted to commissioner.

Christian Bale
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Heath Ledger
Aaron Eckhart
Harvey Dent
Gary Oldman
James Gordon
Ng Chin Han

The Dark Knight Rises

Inside Man

The Dark night prevailed.
He helped capture Joker and put him in jail.
James Gordon is now commissioner.
Gotham city is now cleaner.
The city expanded police powers.
The kept the thieves and the cowards.
Kept them off the streets. It was safer.
Batman was gone but Bruce remained in place.
He laments his childhood friends murder.
While the family business is going under.
He still manages to keep a professional face.
While a cat burglar breaks into his place.
She obtains Wayne's fingerprints.
Then kidnaps a well-known congressman.
She sells the prints to JOHN DAGGETT.
Requesting a clean slate as the payment.
Gordon and the police arrive.
Taking the congressman alive.
They then go down to the sewer.
Where commissioner Gordon is captured.
Captured and delivered to BANE.
Gordon escapes the pain.
Rookie JOHN BLAKE was awaiting.
Waiting for the escaping
The escaping James Gordon.
He then goes and convinces.
Meanwhile, The terrorist Bane.
Attacks the Gotham Stock Exchange.
Goes into Bruce Wayne's account.
Using Bruce's fingerprints and wipes it out.
He kills Dagget. Then by surprise.
Bruce's butler resigns.
Before he leaves he tells Bruce.
To move on and fight for truth.
Wayne finds comfort in Miranda Tate.
Unaware of her fate.
Batman goes to Bane.
Confronting Bane, to figure his intentions.
Bane reveals to fulfill Ra's al Ghul's mission.
To destroy Gotham City.
Then Steal batman's technology.
He and Batman start a brawl.
but Bane ends it all.
When he breaks Batman's back.
As a result, batman's unconscious.
When he comes to, he's in a prison.
Where he learns of the true intentions.
He recovers and tries to escape
But each attempt puts him in a place.
A discouraging place. Then he gets a message.
Bane causes corruption during his absence.
He traps Gotham Police underground.
Using explosives to bring the bridges down.
He converts Bruce's Wayne's reactor core.
Into something, that's guaranteed to cause more.
To cause more citywide destruction.
Batman knows he must do something.
After many attempts, he makes a last one.
That attempt was a successful one.
He went to Gotham to stop Bane.
First, he had Blake Evacuate.
Evacuated the people in the city
While he focused on succeeding.
He then frees the trapped police.
They meet banes army on the streets.
While Batman overpowers Bane.
He's suddenly stabbed by flame.
MIRANDA TATE. His supposed lover.
It turns out that she was undercover.
She was Ra's al Ghul's daughter.
& Bane was just her protector.

Christian Bale
Bruce Wayne/ Batman
Gary Oldman
James Gordon
Tom Hardy
Marion Catillard
Miranda Tate
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
John Blake

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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