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Basking in Moonlight


Basking In Moonlight

Pitch dark, with rays of white,
Scattered all around the site.
A moment too perfect, a time so right,
The warmth in your touch,
And your eyes so bright,
Staring into mine, reaching my soul.
The gleam in them speaking aloud,
"Did you believe that we would be here?
Standing so close, without a doubt?"

The silver reflection coming off the waves,
Shining on your silhouette.
Sculpted with meraki,
The finest my gaze has met.

The gentle breeze that blows your hair,
Whispers to me the bond we share.
An embrace so special; caress too sweet.
A gentle reminder that we make each other complete.

And with every moment passing by,
On this very special enchanted night,
Let us take the vows of togetherness,
Basking in the bright moonlight.

Farah N Huq

When in love, the entire universe echoes the vibes and resonates the intense chemistry that two lovers share. The moon shines a little brighter and the wind sings its romantic tune to add up to the moment. What can be more romantic than confessing your love under the bright moonlight in a night of enchantment?

Basking in Moonlight- Melody!

We see the same moon, you and I.

© 2020 Farah N Huq

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