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Bare Your Writer's Soul: Write What You Believe, Not to Please Others

John has many years of writing experience in poetry, short fiction and text for children's books. Basically, he just loves to write.


Write What You Believe, Not to Please Others

I have always believed that honesty is one of the most desirable traits a person can have. As writers, we are not removed from that although sometimes it may be difficult depending on the type of writing you do.

If you are a freelancer, for instance, you have to write to please a client and meet their requirements or you won't get paid. As a freelance writer myself, I can relate to this, but I can proudly say that if a project compromises my beliefs or values I will always reject it. I often get requests from University or College students asking me to complete their poetry assignments for them etc. I always decline to do this.

Fiction writing is an exception. The very fact that it is called "fiction" gives the writer the latitude to write about things that contradict, and have their characters express opinions that they themselves don't hold in real life.

As a writer, it is your responsibility to promote a message to your audience and try to influence them enough to change their views or at least question things and causes that you believe in. Therefore, be truthful to yourself and don't compromise your integrity to please the majority.


Bare Your Writer's Soul

My writing is informal,

It comes from deep within.

Everything I care about

Enfolds from off my pen.

But, some readers are a fickle lot,

Their attention you must hold.

They'll say your work's not up to scratch,

Online they are so bold.

You can't please everybody,

So write to please yourself.

Express the thoughts you care about,

Don't leave it on the shelf.

So, tell me what you're thinking,

I have no crystal ball.

Don't hold back your honest thoughts,

Please reveal it all.

Criticism sometimes hurts

And rips us to the quick,

But pretending things are as they're not

Gives the truth the flick.

Please, be upfront and forthright,

Don't butter up with praise.

Constructive criticism's good

And helps the standards raise.


If you're only seeking praise

Your honesty will lack.

Be faithful to what you believe,

Don't look behind your back.

Remember you are fallible,

Though perfection is your goal.

Pour your heart onto the page

And bare your writer's soul.


© 2018 John Hansen

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