Barber Rhymes

Updated on October 12, 2017

Barbershop 1

Open for Business

Calvin Palmer Sr gave his son a business.
& when older he took over it.
After his father passed on he struggled to keep it.
But he always found some way to do it.
But on a cold winter day, he decides.
That he's had enough of risking his life.
To keep open the barbershop.
So he thought it may be best if he stopped.
So he sells out. Sells the shop.
To a known but greedy loan shark.
Who secretly plans to turn it into a club.
He sold it and didn't even tell show love.
Show love to his own employees.
They did not even know it was coming.
It's bad enough that he sold it.
Even worse when they know its LESTER WALLACE.
Presently, Calvin sees what the shop means.
The shop is a big part of the community.
Calvin begins to rethink.
Rethink the decision because he sees trouble.
He tries to get it back but, Wallace has doubled.
He doubled the price Calvin to return it.
Since he can't pay he admits that he sold it.
After, they are all disappointed.
Then one of the barbers is arrested.
Ricky. They take in Ricky.
He's somehow framed for a robbery.
Because the thief that did it was driving.
Was driving his truck when he committed.
While committing the crime. He stole the ATM.
His cousin was the one that framed him.
Ricky had three strikes already.
But the police was letting.
They gave him bond and Calvin paid it.
He went to get him and they visited.
They visited Lester and J.D.
& made the Loan Shark agree.

Ice Cube
Calvin Palmer
Anthony Anderson
Micheal Ealy
Keith David
Lester Wallace

Barbershop 2:Back in Business

Nappy Cutz

After getting the shop back from Lester.
Calvin finally found comfort in being an owner.
The shop is still in the same place.
But a new threat arises right across the way.
QUENTIN LEROUX puts another shop.
Right across the street from Calvin's shop.
Calvin tries to figure ways to deal with competition.
A shop across the street puts him in a bad position.
Meanwhile, his barber Isaac is trippin.
Feeling he is entitled to special treatment.
He's feeling himself because he knows he's skilled.
Meanwhile, Calvin is doing research.
He finds out how they can make this work.
Finds out that the shop is called Nappy Cutz.
He sees it online and knows that it will be tough.
It will be tough to compete.
Because nappy cutz has the attributes to defeat.
He rides around and sees inside.
LAWLOW BROWN and LEROUX make him a bribe.
Nappy Cutz plans to subside.
If he goes to a meeting and tells lies.
He attends the meeting and gives a moving speech.
The project did not decrease.
But Calvin's moving speech.
Gave him Victory that he didn't see.

Ice Cube
Calvin Palmer
Harry Lenix
Quentin Leroux
Robert Wisdom
Lalow Brown

Barbershop:The Next Cut

The effort

Calvin expressed his love for the city.
By keeping his shop within the city
But with the violence and Criminal activity
He is thinking about moving.
Meanwhile, his son JALEN.
Is young, smart and athletic.
He walks to school with KENNY.
They are tracked by a known enemy.
The crips roll up and threaten to steal their shoes.
Until the bloods come out and re-establish the rules.
Calvin is still contemplating to move the shop.
So he talks to a smooth businessman called ONE STOP.
Moving the shop to the north side.
To avoid the dangers of the south side.
Calvin's wife Jennifer's gives her intake.
She is only considering for Jalen's sake.
Meanwhile, at the shop there is turmoil.
Gang member Jay & Marquis meet head-on.
The two clearly have beef.
About Something that started in the street.
Then at school, Jalen and Kenny are in trouble.
For being involved in a brief struggle.
The injuries they sustain are minor.
The fight involved the gang they met earlier.
This just makes it easier for Calvin.
To relocate his son Jalen.
It makes him trust Kenny Less.
He confronts Rashard saying it's best.
It's best that he tells Kenny to back off.
Because of Kenny. his son is paying the cost.
At their home, Jennifer goes through Jalen's draw.
& suddenly finds a blood gangs scarf.
With all the neighborhood trouble.
Calvin's shop organizes a ceasefire.
Recruiting the members that were in the shop earlier.
They put the word out on Twitter.
It goes smooth and gets better and better.
But bad news finds it's way in peace.
Just when they thought the violence will cease.
They found out that another Child was shot.
That child was a favorite when visited the shop.
Calvin was devastated. Gives up on the ceasfire.
The truth to move the shop transpired.
Through all the hurt Calvin's convinced.
That the shop leaving will not solve it.
He apologizes for his outburst earlier.
He re-establishes the ceasfire.
The shop becomes a trending topic on Twitter.
But in the midst of the Joy, Kenny delivers.
He delivers to Calvin that Jalen.
Is at the park for an initiation.
Calvin rushes to the Park.
Just to find that Jalen avoided.
In the morning, the ceasefire deceased.
The shop celebrated their defeat.
Their defeat of the city streets.
Calvin's shop is known as the one that decreased.

Ice Cube
Calvin Palmer
Micheal Rainey
Jalen Palmer
Diallo Thompson

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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