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Prey, Bar Cruiser and Tornado: 3 Poems

I hope that you enjoy reading these three poems Prey, Bar Cruiser and Tornado about love's less attractive scenarios.




Home again to wreak revenge on life

You feel it’s dealt you hard blows

But the challenges it set

Required good deeds, efforts and resolve

Not a journey to the bottom of a bottle

A glass, a can, inebriation unceasing

Fragile embattled girlfriend arrives

She tries to help you to be sober

She can’t see past her own demons

But she fights for you to be free

Your gratitude is delivered in bile

Loud shouts, thumping fists, contempt

Furniture breaking, flesh and bone

Thrown against shaking walls

Her shrieks signal fear imploding

The Police are called by someone, not her


God knows how she survives each crash

Each smash and slam

He gains in strength, she’s easy prey

Oh yes, he’ll make her see her faults

The Police come, they comprehend

They’ve seen all this before

Cowed, on pain of death

She swears she’s alright

It was her fault, an overreaction

She’s sorry to be a bother

Too much to drink

You know how it is?

As the uniforms are dismissed

I hear one tell the other

That this will end in disaster

If he can’t be stopped

His submission to self destruction

Did bring about her untimely end

She took her life to escape his rage

Her executioner bears no guilt

He pours a large painkilling drink

Keen to find another girl

To keep him company

As he drinks himself to death.

Bar Cruiser

Bar Cruiser

Bar Cruiser

He was a user

A self esteem abuser

A slime-ball bar cruiser

No way that he’d refuse her

She led him to a hotel bed

With sweet words enticingly said

Promises of burning passion red

Mission Honeytrap over, hunger fed

The guy was a sore loser

Now a bullet sits in his head.



In my head structures torn down, a tornado

Monoliths had been embedded moments ago

He’s not dedicated to us, a lost cause, no hope found

Twenty odd years of history razed to the ground

With his cologne filled air of self satisfied finality

I’m stunned, powerless, cut down cruelly

He tells me that I can rebuild my new life with zeal

Find love with someone who has more appeal

I try to believe that I’ll be better without him

As he insists it will be so I try to submit to his whim

He opens the door and goes without looking back

My name isn’t etched on his heart, it’s on the rack

He worships and loves her, Helen.

I’m the discarded ruin, Katherine.

© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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