Updated on March 12, 2019
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A Continual Saga of a "Younger-than-Now" Poet from the Highly-Esteemed State of Texas proclaiming more Poeti-able Prose using just pure wit.


Growing up misunderstood, your parents think they got the perfect vacation…

A week at a dude ranch…they say with joy and watch to see your reaction.

Sounds pretty tame to follow along on a trail ride when you use to lead,

When you would break off the trail…and gallop away at full speed.

But for the sake of Mom and Dad…

(the best parents you ever had),

The Rebel inside you complies…as another part of your contemplated delusion dies.

You’re just a simple Young Urban Cowboy…that’s just flat out of luck.

Ain’t worth a good “Proud to be a KIKKR” bumper sticker for your truck.

Yep…misunderstood and packing your bags for this family trip,

Nothing but another humbling to swallow your pride and button your lip.

When dreams of a young Urban Cowboy get caught up in normal reality,

Where a young boy looks to be something he dreams but can not see.

When “Going Country” was as simple as a “Sing-Along” Country song,

“Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother,” from a time that is now…long gone.

There were many, good songs…Where a young ‘neck from Houston to Amarillo,

Could wail out with the best of ‘em; (*) “I want to go home with the Armadillo”.

Did I ride my green ten speed bike to school with cowboy boots on?

Did I spend all Summer in the saddle…I mean everyday-All day long?

Did Country Music flow from my big ears, blonde hair, to my Skoal Ring…

Did I jump up on the wildest horse in the corral or listen to Willie and Waylon sing?

Did I learn to throw a Bowie knife…a rope…or crack a bullwhip to a thunderous clap?

Could I saddle up...any 'ol horse and ride him...bridled and hooves checked...done in a snap!

Can you skin a water moccasin after shooting his head off across the lake with a .22?

Poor Little City Boy…catching that catfish…You sure you know what to do?

Off to a “Dude Ranch”…as what is left of your pride shatters with a huge clang…

Oh…who cares of the life you lead among big city streets, really who gives a dang?

Young dreamer…whose pasture fields and trails are lawns and city sidewalks on a busy street.

You can’t have the spirit of a long ago horse rider…Now at a Red Light in your AMC Jeep.

Stuck right where you are at...right here…Wearing some ‘ol Cowboy hat,

What young dreamer can you do about the time and place that you’re at?

Eating some of the best food ever…and hanging out past the briars at a pool,

Shoot…even eating dust in the rear of the “Dude Ranch” trail ride…is slightly cool.

Everyone needs a break from reality and everything going on in the City,

Boss Lady running the Ranch looks upon two young City Boys with pity.

Tells her Head Wrangler to take the boys out to shoot any old Jack rabbit.

Loading up the double barrel shotgun, and clicking the safety off out of habit.

Head Wrangler looks a little impressed after you blast one rabbit out’ta here,

Looks at both City Boys and says lets go into town and drink some beer.

Young City Boy shifting the column on Wrangler’s old ’65 Chevy truck out of low gear,

Heading back down a Maze of Farm Roads towards the Ranch after a Night drinking beer.

Wrangler passed out in back of the pick up bed, and along with his brother too,

Poor Young City Boy…in the Country…Are you sure you know what to do?

How do you a measure a Man or Boy and Judge him one way or another?

When he carries your drunk Cowboy butt back to the Ranch along with his brother?

Kind of fun this “Dude Ranch” experience has been for this young ‘neck…

What is it that makes one a real Cowboy…I wonder…What the heck?

(*Inspiration from “London Homesick Blues” and younger days spent growing up as a Normal Texas Teenager who happened to love the Country. Bandera was known for Dude Ranches back in the day and Houston was full of Big City Urban Cowboys.)

© 2019 ManlyPoetryMan


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