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Bam Bam Birthday

An engineer-to-be trying to find solace and solitude in writing.


Here comes the day..
A tribute, a celebration - Well, what can I say!
Fascinating me in your own charming way,
You’re the best, happy birthday !

Fresh are you, like a dewdrop on a leaflet,
It’s just with you that I can discuss Macbeth or Hamlet..
With your antics and puns, you sure do slay,
You’re the best, happy birthday !

You’re definitely not the sun, for sure not the moon,
Yet I’m sure, if need be, you’d fight any mad goon..
Owning a physique that stays just the same - be it August or May
You’re the best, happy birthday !

I’m hands down smarter than you, I think
But umpteen times have you outsmarted me, in a blink..
That I never lose a spelling to you, I pray,
You’re the best, happy birthday !

Couldn’t have asked for a dad, more nicer or wiser
Yet, when it comes to sharing chocolates, you’re no less than a miser..
Strong as steel, oh! Soft as clay,
You’re simply the best, happy …happy
Happy birthday !

© 2019 Priya Dinesh


Priya Dinesh (author) from Bangalore on September 14, 2019:

Haha, such sugar-coated comments indeed make my day. Thank you Adnan !!

Adnan from Earth, Universe on September 14, 2019:

The category says nonsense poetry...after a click on the article...what do we have here...?...Woah..such a beautiful bouquet of tribute...fragrant with emotions that make sense...A very beautiful ode...and a very beautiful write...thanks for sharing Priya ...!!

Priya Dinesh (author) from Bangalore on September 14, 2019:

Thank you Lorna! I tried penning down my thougts, although no tribute would suffice

Lorna Lamon on September 14, 2019:

What a lovely tribute Priya - it made me smile.

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