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A Ballad for GM Hopkins

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started writing poetry on Hubpages back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


He chose the path of service

the path to help the weary

to know that God is with us

the guilt in a perfect line.

Within juvenilia

the perfection of his rhyme

Gerard's marginalia

he left his golden echo

with the poor and downtrodden.

He served the starved immigrant

he prayed that God would pardon

the squalor in which they lived.

Where he suffered exhaustion

in simple life of service

he prayed to lift depression

that fell upon God's creation.

Sometimes received a blessing

through ill health caused by the street

an order for his writing

from his local Cardinal.

He felt writing poetry,

to work on perfecting line

was a form of vanity

when many needed God's love.

Whether he served on the street

his family remained the Church

helping the homeless to eat

a dedication to man.

Whether behind the pulpit

chanting Latin in his robes

congregation kneel then sit

before his raised arms to heaven.

To bring the body of Christ

to the world of poverty

to show what was sacrificed

and bring hope to the hopeless.

A Jesuit by training

gave the gift of poems

humble never complaining

of cold or hunger himself.

To write his benediction

at night under candlelight

a cough due to affliction

his God held him in his palm.

He wrote about the Duetschland

a tragedy of his time

with Nun's Habits on the sand

after this tragic shipwreck.

But mostly he wrote sonnet

with skill history had not seen

his life buried upon it

his love of God stressed unstressed.

He wrote about the Sky Lark

bringing God's peace to the sea

though his days were grim and stark

each line testament of faith.

Within vows of poverty

a love of education

when worship was scholarly

he stood among believers.

To write humble appeal

through his internal turmoil,

what's spiritual and real

a deep love for his one God.

Through the sickness of people

who lived on the streets some alone

he would stand below steeple

to take the sickness away.

Spiritual exercise

retold throughout history

what metaphors symbolize

to give freely his real love.

Upon his death he left us

voices in the church choir

not one tone superfluous

shined on with heavenly light.

A dedication to life

the truth, the rhythm, the rhyme

often found within our strife,

Gerard, his inspired poems.

© 2019 Jamie Lee Hamann

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