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Judy finished school at La Consolacion College Manila with a degree of BSBA Major in Financial Management.




One time I asked God why?

No answers, yet I am standing by

I look at myself in the mirror

Is this what I get for what happen before?

You were hurt, but not just you

I also feel the pain and you never knew

I kept the thoughts and feelings within me

For you not to see how miserable I'd be.

We both invest until love has come to find

The resting place of our hearts bind

I didn't know what you really feel

But for me, the love we have is forever real

We were happy, we were grateful

We are loved, we were thankful

We are blessed, we were hopeful

We have prayed for this, we stay faithful

But why love is just so perfectly unfair

Fate changes, pain you can’t bear

Promises are gone, pain is everywhere

I never knew it can pop out of nowhere

We fell and cry every night

We are challenged but I'm willing to fight

But time has come, our love must end

For a broken heart can never be mend

© 2019 Judy Ann Sollestre

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