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Bad Women


God's a man
They're all mates in his clan
No Eve ever after the snake ran
It's all hay, part of their plan

Grandmothers over grandmothers lie in their grave
Good women and their good hearts brave
Good will no good ways for good girls gave
I would, dear girl, you this trouble save

Behold for I am a bad woman
Monstrosity, anomaly of smoke and dun
Armed with a mind, my pen's my gun
Stand and stick, for the show's just begun

Fear me for I will lead
Unafraid, leaden, I won't bleed
Never begged, never pled for my need
I cater to my lust, cater to my greed

I'm the purple hen they're afraid to eat
I've got golden blood, there's fire in my meat
Ships sunken, oars fell, now the sea's neat
The lion's roar again a mere bleet

Honour me! The Bad Woman's glory
Grostesque her views! Gosh, she's gory!
Go on, go on keep outing her outlawry
Woman God's written and you're dead in her story.

© 2018 Sundus Farooq

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