Bad Rhymes

Updated on October 23, 2017

Bad Boys

For Max

Two detectives in Miami.
Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey
Investigate a Mafia seized heroin.
Finding the heroin that was stolen.
Stolen from a secure police vault.
Someone within gives access to the vault.
Internal affairs find out.
Giving them 5 days to figure it out.
For if they don't, it will be shut down.
So Marcus and Mike snoop around.
They begin the investigation.
Mike goes to Maxine logan.
Looking for people that are nearly rich.
Considering them as people of interest.
She introduces Mike to Julie.
Who has a friend that is escorting?
Escorting a former crooked cop.
Suddenly, he's killed by his own boss.
Julie escapes to the police station.
Wants to talks to Mike about the situation.
Unfortunately, Mike is not there.
But she never met him so act like he is there.
To get some needed information.
About the French Henchman.
That attacked and killed her friend Max.
In her apartment they also attacked.
Julie survives but placed under protection.
Burnette and Lowrey keep up with her presence.
The real Mike's impressed with the impersonation.
They go through mugshots, seeing one henchman.
They go to his club where they know he's hiding.
But seeing the surprise. The mastermind.
Fouchet. Julie tries
Tries to shoot. She wants him dead.
but burnette wants him alive instead.
Lowrey ends up killing the henchmen.
Then finds out the location.
The stolen drugs are in a factory.
Julie is in the custody.
While in custody she Lowrey.
Was really Marcus impersonating.
She is then kidnapped but Fouchet's henchmen.
Meanwhile, the police department.
The police department is shut down.
Despite it, they bring down.
Bring down Fouche
For Max, they put him away.

Martin Lawrence
Marcus Burnette
Will Smith
Mike Lowrey
Tia Leoni
Tcheky Karyo

Bad Boys 2

What he did

Eight years after they took down Fouchet.
Burnette and Lowrey investigate.
They're investigating drugs in the city.
Leading them to a KKK meeting.
Disguised as members.
They hear them shouting White Power.
They emerge but it's botched.
That is not the distributors that they thought.
Marcus then questions being Lowrey's partner.
Not knowing that Lowrey's dating his sister.
SYD. She's working undercover.
Laundering money to Russian Gangers.
SYD works for the DEA to see.
Who is distributing the Ecstasy.
While working, Syd's attacked.
By a Haitian gang that has tracked.
Tracked her, since she got the shipment.
Marcus and Mike discover her involvement.
Distributing money for JOHNNY TAPIA.
A major drug lord in Cuba.
Marcus and Mike decide to go to his mansion.
and find out what Tapia is planning.
He dropped the Russians from distribution.
Hiring Syd to fill the position.
While her brother goes in a mortuary.
Finding that Tapia's using dead bodies.
Using bodies to smuggle drugs and money.
Good work by Burnette and Lowrey.
So good that Tapia was angry.
He kidnapped Sid was after finding.
Finding out she's burnette's sibling.
He demands what's his.
In exchange for Syd.
Marcus and Mike rescue Syd.
Then kill Tapia for what he did.

Martin Lawrence
Marcus Burnette
Will Smith
Mike Lowrey
Jordi Molla
Johnny Tapia

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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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