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Background, a Major Determinant

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The civil unrest that broke out in their communities made them fled their communities

Alongside others to another island. As an immigrants into the island, with nothing on them

For the money of their communities differ from the money spent in the new island, they

Started to sleep on the streets and from there they were introduced to hard ways of life to

Make a living for themselves. While working on the streets to earn a living they met with

Each other, and since common condition have brought them together, they started dating each

Other, and their repeated intercourse resulted in pregnancy. They were not planning for

A child before, it happened, and because they wanted to keep to themselves and avoid

Multiple sexual partners, they have been using condom according to the family planning and

Prevention against sexually transmitted diseases, especially, the deadly Human

Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS), but from

What happened to them, they are now a living experience, they now know that using of

Condom to prevent pregnancy is not absolute. The man counsels the lady based on their

Initial agreement that they do not want to have children in that condition in which they live

In that she should let them abort the Pregnancy, but the lady rejected the counsel based on

What she remembers. Her late mother when she was yet alive had told her of her friend’s

Story that when she was young in the High School and she became pregnant, because of the

Fear of the reaction of her parents have consulted some people to abort the pregnancy. Those

She contacted perhaps were the local person in their community who had not scientific

Basis for aborting pregnancy and this has led to complications which has negative effect on

The lady and she could not give birth again as it was to be gathered later from the medical

Personnel that her uterus has been damaged during the process. Thus, her mother told her

That under no circumstances must she abort pregnancy when she takes in, she should think

About her future, and let the innocent baby come into the world. she thence told her partner

That she is ready to keep the pregnancy. Since she has said she will keep the pregnancy,

The man keeps working while she stays at home to nurse the pregnancy to maturity. Some

Months before the delivery, they discussed and they agreed that the baby after being given

to should be taken to the rich people’s quarters, called Reservation Area, to drop the baby

Somewhere there while they return to their normal life and re-map out their lives. A week

After the baby was given birth to, they went and drop it at the entrance of a big building

When the security personnel gets out the following morning and saw the baby at the gate

He rushes in to inform his masters, before the master gets out, the father of the baby has

Emerged also looking at the baby and having pity on him. Then the owner of the house

Carries the baby to the police station to inform them of what he has seen. The police

Takes the child to the motherless babies homes and christened the baby Gate. The father of

The baby who was unknown to them followed them through those processes and was given

His wife feedbacks. Since limited number of people know that she was pregnant because

They were living in an uncompleted building, limited dust could be raised from people asking

About the whereabout of the baby she gave birth to. After noting where the baby was, they

Fled the island to another island. In the meanwhile before they fled the island, the family

Who finds the baby at their gate have shown their interest to adopt the baby as theirs’, for

The baby is yet young and could be tamed. Since the police have been aware of this, the

Necessary papers were filled as they adopt baby Gate as theirs. It was after this incident

That the biological parents of the baby migrated to another island. At another island they got

To, they were able to raise little money to start living there and they started giving birth to

Children there. But the business they are doing cannot really take care of them and it was

Not long before their business collapsed again and they return to their former ways of living

Which street urchins. In this position they were raising their two children, and they were

Unable to send their children to school. Whereas their first son, Gate, living with the

Family at the reservation area is been taken care of by the family. He was sent to school and

His conducts was patterned in accordance with that of the family’s. But the two children

Who are also males that they give birth to afterwards, who are also living with them,

They were unable to take care of well, because they have no suitable job, and are not well

Educated, those children too have also become Street urchin like their parents and couldn’t

Make appreciable impact in the island. When The biological parents of Gate heard of him

Becoming an aeronautic engineer, they were Elated and they said to each other that truly,

Genetic compositions of children have little to do with what those children will become in the

Future, what really matters is the parental or the Guardian upbringing. Because Gate, their

Son has the same genetical compositions as their siblings, but he was bred and buttered at

Different environment and he has adequate care by those people, thus his life changed from

The life of their parents and their siblings, who he, Gate, did not know. He by this could

Make appreciable impact in the society, but contrary was it for the children they gave birth to

Afterwards, because they had limited time for those children, And Lack money to send the

Children to school, they also became as they are, street peddlers and Urchins.


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