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Backed Up Against A Wall

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A Little Bit Tired When I Shouldn't Be

There are things that I can't wait to do

On my days off I try to tackle most of them

Then after a long week of work

I have been waiting for this day to come

It is my day off

I fizzle out

Faster than an old soda loses its zing

I have always been a little all over the place

I get an idea and I have to go with it

The idea comes out of the blue

I had so many other plans

I know if I put the idea off

It sizzles and then dies out

The same is with a writing

The longer I wait for less the chance I have of finishing it

I have tried different approaches

Thinking these are all good ideas

Soon they end up in the scrapyard

With all the other duds

As I go back to work

My energy level returns

I don't get it

I am not sick

I have received more rest during the Pandemic

Then during my whole life prior

My hours were cut

So I had no choice but to come in later and leave earlier

Now by my standards

I should be bouncing off the walls

More creative than ever

Sometimes yes, sometimes no

There are times I get lazy

Not because I want to because I just do

It is way out of my character

So in an effort to bump up my progress

I make sure I take my vitamins

Eat better and yes drink a lot of water

Try to squeeze in some exercise

Write and write with passion

Read as often as I can

Make my wife happy

Do things around the house not just when needed

Before they have to be done

Tackle old projects that before I never had the time

Catch the Wild and Free Spirit

On the Next train

So next time I pull into the station

I will be ready to roll on out

Refreshed and refueled

Ready for anything that comes my way

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