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Ceasefire - A Poem and Thoughts About Media Attitude

A poem and thoughts inspired by human reactions to the news and elements in the media who attack shows of emotion.


Why Can't Everyone Play Nicely?

Given the current news it's easy to feel that you can't help or do enough to make a positive difference to the suffering that a country is enduring, facing as bravely as they can.

This poem was inspired by an article accusing people in the public eye of using the current war to make the situation all about them by crying or speaking about how wretched they felt. Obviously, there may be a microscopic element, 1% of the famous out there who send compassion for a soundbite or as clickbait but surely humanity, celebrities as a hole can't be condemned! If they said nothing, presumably that would have incurred the journalist's wrath too.



These awful days the news that we see and hear

Makes us shudder about war, humans constant fear

But in the midst of the battle, this doom and despair

We should surely strive to work hard to inspire, repair

We mourn the lives lost in heroism that crosses borders

We spurn hatred that costs freedoms and rightful order

So why do some in the media choose to cast aspersions

When loving words are spoken? Why the aversion?

Why make a choice to employ vitriol and bile

Against famous folk who say today's violence they revile

That they were brought to tears and for their children worry

Hacks accuse them of making the hell of war all about me

TV host says "How do I explain the world now to my child?"

Disparagement as a news anchor struggles with a report filed

Can the backbiters not understand that natural emotions we feel

Aren't an invitation to mock, decry or question motives and PR deals

And whilst the rest of humanity are not in the day's war zone, fleeing hate

We have hearts that shatter at the sight of young and old and rescue too late

Scenes of a sweet child singing as she shelters beneath ground

Trying to banish the unholy racket as bombs and bullets above her pound

Please pull together all people of the world with hope and good heart

No more backbiting media, that's not skill and nor is it art

Reconsider your editorial slant, lay down your words as weapons

Spread peace and goodwill, give inspiration, look to the heavens

We're opposed to the sworn enemies of freedom and love

Don't fight those who needn't be fought; think, play right

If your job is to educate, inform then don't abuse, give insight

As the saying goes, the pen may be mightier than the sword

But bias and elective hostility do not the soul nurture nor reward

Join the human path as one unit of strength, power and positivity

And pray that soon hate is banished, war discarded for infinity

Come on hacks, you're overdue for a committed ceasefire.

Media bunnies: Choose peace not war, choose empathy and love not criticism and hate, Thanks.

Media bunnies: Choose peace not war, choose empathy and love not criticism and hate, Thanks.

Sorry, I'm On My Soapbox!

Another incident made me think. A woman called a TV show phone-in scared that because following the harrowing news is damaging her mental health she wanted to step away from rolling news and distract herself for a while but felt that she'd be judged, vilified as an uncaring person if she did so.

It made me wonder who has the right to say how to react, what to say, how long it should take to get over or through the challenges of life. Is it competition? No. Do you get a certificate for maintaining a stiff upper lip? No. Can you earn heaven brownie points by fake crying or talking about something endlessly or not at all? No.

What you can be is human. We walk our own paths with our assortment of attitudes, emotions. Our souls feel the joy and pain of the human condition. Why turn judge and jury if another person doesn't react in the way that you think that they should to a moment in history? When I say that I don't mean the warmonger not understanding why an invasion isn't welcomed, obviously.

Given the fuss over face masks, I'm waiting for people to start moaning that they can't drive around the corner 100m to the shop anymore as sanctions are implemented and the fuel prices escalate. Your sacrifice will help someone stay alive, sorry if that doesn't suit!

Having set the world to rights: Peace, love and hope to everybody trying to do their best in this crazy and unstable world.

© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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