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A Time for Silence- Poem

Nell is a writer and author. With over 300 articles, and three novels in print. She is also interested in current topics in the news.


To be Silent and Reflect.

At this strange and rather unsettling time, we need something wonderful to keep us going.

I find that listening to the birds singing outside my back door, along with the silence, is so relaxing it helps me to concentrate while I write.

It also makes me think.

Is this what it was like back in the old days?

Just the sound of birds singing, no airplanes, and no cars.

Nature shows us the way.

A Time for Silence

Just listen to the bird's song,

The gentle sway of breeze,

Squirrels skittering and barking,

And running up the trees.


Red Kite, birds of prey,

swoop, and whistle,

As they go about their day,

Gliding gently in the air,

Red wings gleaming,

Flying in pairs.


No television, no sound of cars,

Airplanes quiet, no dogs bark,

Animals peeking into windows,

Puzzled, not scared,

While we sit inside, saying our Prayers.


Time slips away,

It could be yesterday.

Maybe at that time before,

When we used to sit by our front door,

This is what it was like back then,

Just nature, and the peace of zen.


We'll keep the scary from our door,

And sit inside till they find a cure.

Be still, keep calm, just love, be wise,

Stay safe, be good, and stay inside.

(c) Nell Rose

© 2020 Nell Rose

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