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Back Home-On the Other Side

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.


Home is where the heart is. We do not realize what we have when we have it.

This poem is about the journey of a horse looking for greener pastures and a place better than home. It did not take long for the horse to realize the place that he was searching for was the one he was running away from.

Far from the west

The horse galloped

Looking for new pastures to graze

As he galloped

He thought about

Back home and happy days

The green green grass

The rivers and valley

The sparkling lakes and streams

He wondered if the journey was worth

Will it fulfill all his dreams

As he galloped

He grew thirsty

His gallop slowed down to a trot

His shining coat now turned dusty

Mane limp flopping about

His body burned as if on fire

His brave spirit slowly gave way

All his thoughts of finding new pastures

Now slowly faded away

As he looked around him

All he could see

Were arid mountains

Boulders and rocks

Desert sands had filled the land

Where once green green grass did sprout.

Not giving up

The horse galloped

Trudging up the mountainside

He pulled himself up with all his might

Up to the peaks touching the clouds

And lo behold on the other side

The horse looked on with delight

For on the other side was his home

His spirits danced in delight.

For you see

His gallop had not taken him far from home

Just over to the other side

Where desert sands had swallowed the land

With green pastures lost insight

And lo behold from the mountain top

The horse did realize

The promised land that he was looking for

Was his own home

On the other side

It all started from where he began

Trying to gallop away

Not so far had he to go

To realize home

Is where

The heart wants to stay.

© 2021 Nithya Venkat

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