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Back At It Again

Turning Away Not Off The News

Feeling sad and disappointed

In the tragic deaths of five people

That happened in a peaceful protest that turned into something so bad

In the heart of Washington D.C,

How does that affect me and every American

I am not a political person

I don't follow all the latest in worldwide or local news

I am so busy with my own personal life

That leaves little time for everything else

I believe in taking care of our own families

The core of all relationships

If we fail at that

Then we have lost our way

At the end of every day

My wife is the one who unconditionally

Loves and supports me

Through all the good times and bad

Both my wife and I try to accomplish many dreams and goals

Some we do succeed

Many we do not

We have to live with our disappointments

We have to rework and try to see if they can still be done

All while going to work every day

Contributing to society by paying our fair share of taxes

Paying our bills and supporting ourselves

Taking care of our own health and safety

Looking toward the future

As bright and amazing in so many ways

We are still learning and discovering ourselves

What we need as a married couple

To provide and keep our marriage alive and well

As we grow older

Things become not as easy as they were when we were young

Memories fade and energy slows down

We slowly work to redefine our greatest passions

Loving life and each day

As if it is our last

With enthusiasm and spirit

We continue our search

To find the most wonderful joys in life

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