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Bachelor and Bachelorette


I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives



He has been occupying the

Position of a bachelor for

A while and everyone looks

Forward to when he would marry.

Seems as if all ladies

Do not want to have

Anything to do with him

“Why?” He could not say.



During her college days was

Involved with a guy but

The relationship won’t exceed first

Semester for he was expelled

He was one of the

Leaders who led students peaceful

Protest. Authorities couldn’t condone this

He paid the ultimate price

Alongside with the other leaders,

They were booted out of

The citadel of learning by

The authorities soon afterwards.

For being among the leaders

In the protest, after the

Expulsion he was deported to

His country. That ended the relationship

She finds it hard bringing

Herself to being involved with

Another guy on campus during

Her days after the break-up

Now she is working, yet

Could not find a satisfying

Guy out of all seen

To be romantically involved with


Bachelor and Bachelorette at Birthday

She was invited to a

Birthday by the girlf of

The celebrant while he was

Invited by the celebrant’s friend

At the birthday introductions were

Done. Soon people joined the

Celebrant on the floor dancing

But they had none to dance with

Her friend, excused herself, went

To them pulled them up

Both of you are mature

Make here lively. Dance together

Reluctantly started dancing together her

Right palm interlocked with his

Left palm, and his right

Palm on her shoulder

They started talking, that is

How they got to know

Each other. When dancing was

Over, they were still together

They were left alone by

Friends, maybe this would be

It. This be the beginning

Of their intimacy with each other.

As they try to build

Their relationship. Company transfers the

Guy to another town she

Couldn’t bear the loneliness

She makes move to go

To the town he has been

Transferred to and soon they

Be in the same town together.

Building they the relationship now

The intertwining is strong, do

Not see how it could be

Broken. As they are in each other’s arms.


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