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Our Angles, Our Pride

I am a graphic designer by profession and loves to read and write in my free time. I have a keen interest in writing poetries.


My favourite band, favourite people of all time,

You all make my day with your million dollar smile

7 members you are and you have an army behind

Billions and billions of fans wanting to make you smile.

Your love for your fans is what makes you strong,

Army loves you in return and would never break this bond

I am quite late to join, I have not seen your struggles

Just your glory days, smooth like butter

But I know it all, all the hate and the haters,

how they tried to put you down and

how they spread their hateness on twitter

I am so proud of the army that supported you from behind

from the very start they carry such a soldier's pride.


Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success

is what HATERS mean,

So don't you worry my loves, it's what they've been,

they carry hate for everyone what they can't achieve

Just leave them to us meanwhile you carry on with your deeds,

I just wanted you to know that

you all are being loved,

if not by human, not by nature but

by heavenly god

7 angles are you sent for us to see,

how positivity can be spread and what is humanity.

© 2021 Parul Rawat