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Broken From Inside

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Words Comes From Your Soul After Your Heart Breaks

If i got an endless evening i will keep talking to you forever .....

Never hesitate to smile because your smile matters a lot for me ...

I love spending time with you

Talking to you

Clicking your pictures ...

Singing for you ..

Making you laugh ..

But ..i wish that i could do all that in real apart from my dreams ...

Your presence makes my heart beat faster ...

Dear crush you just don't even have an idea

How fast my heart will sprint

If you just hugged me

No matter it's day or night

No matter i am happy or low,

i can see you in front of my eyes,

I can even feel your presence

just by closing my eyes ...

The World is full of weird people

People who like dark rooms to live in

People who like to be alone

People who don't prefer to share thoughts

People who prefer to wear hoodies

Even i am from such peoples

And there's always a reason behind everything ..

I don't know whats wrong with me but i can recognize you between hundreds within a moment

I don't know why i feel happy and more energetic whenever i see you smiling

It's hard to pretend Normal whenever i see you with any other guy

I might not be the perfect ..

But i could have pretended it easily like any other guy ...

I dream of whispering in you ears all the day during class time ...

The couple which i have always dreamt of could be us but you just don't have feelings for me