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Breakfasts: Then and Now (A Family Tradition)

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)



Breakfast used to be a feast.

English Breakfast or Classy Pinoy Breakfast.

As long as we eat together in a small table of four.

Who wouldn’t want hotdogs and eggs?

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate for the family.

There used to be pancakes and waffles too.

Pancakes with Ice Cream on top makes my heart delight.

Just don’t get confused the batter as a drinking milk.

I know it tastes great, but beware

Your tummy will surely ache.

Scrambled eggs, or sunny side up?

Boiled eggs?

Maybe a bowl of oatmeal drizzled with overflowing powdered milk.

The hotdogs? Panfried with tons of ketchup sauce.

On a budget maybe a cup of yoghurt would suffice.

Running late?

Grab a bread and some ham and you’re ready to go.

What’s a classy pinoy breakfast?

Maybe champorado with tuyo or daing.

Silog anything you can find in your pantry.

What’s Champorado? It’s a chocolate porridge.

What’s Silog? It’s a combination meal of egg and fried rice.

If you add one more meat like corned beef,

It becomes Cornsilog.

Tuyo and daing are types of savoury fish that is usually fried.

Beware of the strong aroma of these,

Your neighbors might go knocking your door, complaining for the smell.

Still it tastes great. Try it.

Sometimes when days gets busy,

We just keep reheating leftovers for breakfasts.

When there’s enough time,

Maybe cook something that’s quick and easy.

We love Arabian Cuisine too.

Like Shawarma, Kubous with Hummus and Kabsa.

For us Filipinos, we would really start a day with rice.

Rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, and rice for dinner.

But having pastas and breads ain’t no big deal either.

What’s your favorite bread or pan?

Speaking of pan,

Pan de sal dipped in coffee is our simplest type of breakfast.

From feastful mornings, to just waking up and prep for work or school.

No more cooking eggs, hotdogs, pancakes, waffles, oatmeals, etc.

No more waking up to a freshly brewed coffee.

During winter, or rainy season, no more hot chocolate and champorado awaits.

A gloomy morning would just mean, waking up after lunch has passed.

Waking up hungry would just mean grabbing whatever snacks is near.

May it be chips or ice cream, softdrinks, cookies.

Waking up to head directly to the shower, dress up, and buy whatever at the convenience store.

Just to have that kick of energy you needed to start the day.

I guess that’s how it goes when you age.

Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day,

Most often we choose not to have one, as our schedule is jampacked.

We get so tired and exhausted from our daily routine,

That even preparing a simple breakfast is a chore we choose to avoid.

Raise one foot if you still got time for breakfast at this time of age.

You got a lot of time for breakfast,

It’s just time passed and you just no longer feel like having one.


Breakfast used to be something we always look forward to.

With a bright smile on our faces and excited for the day.

What do we look forward to?

The thought of “What will mom prep for us today? Hoping for my favorites”,

Greeting everyone at the household,

“Good Morning!” with hugs and kisses filled with so much love.

Maybe waking up everyone and do a little prank?

Surprising someone to brighten up their day?

That’s how mornings were.

You have people to look forward seeing each day,

People that makes you happy and not grumpy.

Thankful for each day everyone is still alive and safe.

Now that things have changed,

Maybe it’s just you alone, and have to cook breakfast for yourself.

Maybe you have been pushing yourself too hard to overwork.

There’s no sense in cooking meals, if it’s just you.

There’s no joy in getting up early to eat, if no one will be around.

Breakfasts are no longer special like it used to be.

Cooking for yourself is no fun.

But you have to eat more to be stronger.

Maybe it’s time to get back having breakfast again.

Screw lunch dates and dinner dates, that’s so 2012.

Normalize having breakfast dates this year 2022.

Explore various cuisines, what they serve for breakfast.

It’s nice to start the day eating together with your loved ones.

Even better if you witness together the beauty of sunrise breaking through the dawn.

Then you’ll hear the birds chirping and singing.

Just eating together, no bad mouthing one another.

Start your days with laughter and not anger.

You must face the day with a smile not a frowning face.

Talk about the blessings and things to be grateful.

Don’t make negative gossips about other people your breakfast.

It isn’t a healthy habit.

Make sure to also avoid cursing so much when having breakfast.

It’s a huge disrespect for the blessings you are having in front of you.

Let’s choose to start our day with an open heart and mind.

Calm and happy, excited for what the day awaits.

Not with a frustrated and irritable heart, mind, and soul.

That would just spoil a supposedly beautiful day.

Start your day laughing and smiling, surely your day will go smooth and fine.

Just enjoy every moment. Like you would in your every bite of your breakfast.

Slowly taking your time to munch in everything and savouring how good it tastes.

Just like that, do the same with life too. There’s no need to rush.

When finished and you’re solved with what you ate,

Just don’t forget to clean up and give thanks for the food.

May you all have fulfilling breakfasts to eat this year 2022 and for the coming years.

Cheers and Have a Blessed New Year for Everyone.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador