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Between and Beyond

Kater Michael Rubem is a writer who fuses philosophy into different literary works. He is a Poet with a degree in philosophy.


Between and Beyond

Gently, the breeze shifted my curtains,
Revealing the rays of the morning sun,
Light struck my eyes and the mind's activity begun,
Half asleep, half awake but delightfully.

The state of the body, my soul shared,
Such temperance truly formidable,
A man must pray and a man must work,
But take heed of extremes, the fruit hangs between.

Before the door could open, before the voices of men and crowing of cocks,
Even when my feet had not felt the ground,
I was out already, free and soaring,
Space could not feel me, time could not measure.

When the Reaper is yet to sow, I germinate,
He controls only what he made, I am not his seed,
I shall live, I shall thrive as I exist,
Not as what they perceive, neither what Men conceive but beyond.