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BELOVED- my saviour


Beloved- my saviour

Defeated by the incessant traffic jam,

perspiration licking every inch of my neck.

I am fatigued by the disobedient clock hours,

blinded by the sweat on my speck.

But it is the warmth of your arms

heating up my hypothermic soul,

soothing my lips with your softness

that reduce my stress as a whole.

I am killed by the unbearable questions

too exhausted to oblige all.

Causing disgrace to my womanly dignity

I am pulled down into pitfall.

But again its your sweet words

the deeds by which you pamper me,

brings tears of joy to my eyes.

It is through your eyes I see.

The dry leaves caressing each other,

causing a husky sound deafeaning my ears.

My life was just as listless as these friable leaves

Agony , pain and full of fears.

Then one day you carressed me

wiped my tears with your own palm.

Hugged me tight consoling my soul

which came like a sigh of calm.

Hard work deceived me like a serial killer

Faith stabbed me from behind my back,

When I asked myself ,'Who am I?'

She said,' Dumb head with lots of lack'.

It was again that day when you held my hand,

took me in front of the mirror bedside.

And made me find my true , happy self,

which probably I was made to hide.

In the glitter of your eyes I always saw me,

the charm of your smile gave me intense care.

Your dedicated affection made my heart wet,

into the depth of my soul I find you stare.

When the ruthless devils throttled me,

pierced my life with their deadly horns.

It was again you who risked your life

faced the pebbles and the hidden thorns.

-Debangee Mandal

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