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My heart silently whispered-
Take me in YOUR hands,
Squeeze me dry !
And make every drop of my blood-
Tear drops of my eyes.

Make every drop of tear,
Fall for YOUR love
Let not a single drop,
Go in vain.

Every scar my heart bears,
Every pain my heart suffered
Vipe out every yearning
That was not in YOUR name.

BELOVED whispered back-
How do you know-
The scars your heart bears
The pain your heart suffered,
The yearnings of unfulfilled desires
Was not for ME, from ME ?

How do you know-
I was not there,
Cutting your heart piece by piece,
Letting your blood run free
Washing your heart with MY love?

And suddenly I realised-
Burning in fire of pain,
Everytime I emerged like gold,
More shining, more bright,
With every scar that heart bears,
I shine with BELOVED’S love and light

With every pain and learning to let go,
I become lighter, freer to fly
And with letting go of every scar,
My BELOVED comes more closer to me.

The first step I took away from HIM,
Separating myself and beginning my search,
Has ended now with my heart cut loose,
It’s the journey back to HIM,
It’s the journey that is beautiful,
It’s the journey worth living.

My heart whispered-
YOU truly woo me with intensity,
YOU cut me loose !!!
Only to take me in YOUR arms !!!

a poem by some one called - Roohi.

© 2018 Roohi

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