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What footsteps to my bedroom creep?

Awakened by the creaking outside my door

I hasten now to cry out or to scream

But I am frozen, as it slithers across my floor!

The howling winds dance in the trees

Casting shadows of demons upon the wall

The moon is but a sliver of light

And I feel helpless, frightened, and… small.

Faint away! - I could but sleep!

And forget this ghostly vision without sight

I fear the goblins have discovered me

And will make a mockery of me this night

I shall feign I am fast asleep here

I will slow my breathing and hold fast my heart

Perhaps this abominable apparition

Will find me distasteful and soon depart

Do you hear it? Whispering to me?

I can sense something looming o'er my bed

Reaching down to test my resolve

I am soon filled with a sickening dread

Wake up Lucy Ann, the sun is up!

Time to dress for your morning tea and fare

It seems it was all just a mindless figment

Of imagination that haunts inside a nightmare

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