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Beauty of Living.

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Jeff Zod enjoys classical poetry. He enjoys reading poetry from great historical poets as well as modern poets.

Every dark cloud has silver lining,

Bed roses full of thorns stabbing,

In the dark of the night stars shining,

A sunny day turns to rainfall pouring,

Cool afternoon cold moments calling,

In a year summer and winter showing,

Making this the beauty of living

Tears and laughter comes in turns,

Smiley and gloomy faces takes shapes,

Teary eyes drying as moment passes,

Blown out candle rekindles in hearts,

Suppressed light shines in brightness

Bar of gold covers our paths in boldness,

Making this the beauty of living

A cradle of hope each passing day,

Grows in hearts in a beautiful way,

Changing the future we see as grey,

Bringing the beautiful shinning rays,

Charging the globe in altering ways,

Affirming our believes in different forms,

Making this the beauty of living

In a dark corner we hind our emotions,

For the world not to see us holding tears,

Not letting our pains be known to others,

But this pain tears our hearts in pieces,

We confine ourselves to our cocoons,

But we should share our joy and tears,

To make it the beauty of life

© 2019 J Zod

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