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Bandits and Society


What kind of society was there?
The bandits do not look robbers on any side. Poor poverty,
hungry nakedness, fluffy dresses, bone structures,
leprosy sediments, face-to-face, wandering vomiting,
acne, and fine shoes. And those who are robbers robbers.
O thick thick neck but also cow, three-eyed spindle, shiny eyebrows,
eyes coming from sockets, many many kilometers, different languages,
beans costumes, many many crors watches and diamond cuff links,
their own crocodiles and snakes. Skinny shoes,
billions of rupees in the streets of the vehicles,
taking out eyes and occasionally, these sea wars are the robbery, which are fake,
even if they are caught in colorful hands. The police are referred to as police,
after closing, kicking, stairs, trains
They should put their vacancy in the streets at their own special places.
This is a matter where fake bandits get quick justice,
while real bandits engage in good preparations for the next election.
The courts also go as if for the first time home of father in law is going to visit,
dear brothers and sisters! Iqbal's Shaheen! Lovers! Self-Known Cats!
How long can this unique justice be avoided by the last limits of oppression?
This column is not like "Maha Lier" that it was the first time I looked at the
TV channels for the first time in the face of "bandits",
but I was afraid of fear and honor.
These were "bandits" too, some of my neighbor's
neighbors and that their non-governmental groups,
non-constitutional groups, non-elected groups were from Rawalpindi.
"Hansi Haveli" "Bellypur" was present on the Singer Roy Wind Road, "
Our house was rainy and rainy, now it's just farmhouse where sometimes
it's time to go and it's my opinion," he said.
The Sharif-e-Amir Amra is also in Rawalpindi,
in this context, these neighbors also crossed the streets.
These young "non-elected bandits" were also recovered from
some motorcycles and mobile phones,
which were sold as a freelance TV They were also shown on screen but my
eyes were frozen on their fierce faces and I thought that if these bandits were
found even after the age of 100 years, they could not even get caught,
how many millions of mobile and motorcycles returned While the actual bandit could
"earn" a billion by changing a SRO for one month? What is the volume of a
"Commission" or "Cook back" volume? Shoot the account.
Solve my problem, which has kept my child upset.
Like the rest of the children, I have also read stories of bandits in childhood.
There is probably a servant of my Edge Group who has not studied the role of
Robin Hood in the childhood by Robin Hood or "Chan Araf Sangram" .....
"Surfroash" and "The River of Fire" "Do not see movies like the robbers were great,
tremendous, magnificent, who returned to the poor and loved the poor.
But no matter how many robbers are caught, we do not even feel guilty.
Do not mashed, neither bare nor bread, brother! What brand of these robbers?
These are fake and two numbered robberies like our milk, syrup, butter, basin,
peppers, turmeric etc.
Pirates of the Pirates. The old bandits are somewhere else.
The nature of his postures also has some kind of "wealth",
but it does not look as if he wears a slippery cap of money laundering,
so we get the anger of the real robberies out on counterfeit robberies and
weigh them. Keep on pleasing Hare takes someone else, the food is eaten and eaten.
How bad society is invented!


© 2017 Muhammad Rashad

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