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Awoken Warriors: The Fighting Spirits

The Mascot is a passionate writer, an entrepreneur and a deep nature observer


Aye behold,
the crumbs of fallen kingdoms,
the blazing fire on their northern borders

Aye behold,
the trouble of the rising sands behind our fierce gallop forward,
without regards to the pains of yesterday,
nor the fear of what tomorrow brings..,
for we are brave men of the battle field,
fighting on the grounds of our certain emancipation,

Aye behold,
the tenacity of our march onward,
the beaming of our morale at its peak..,
for we are brave men of the battle fields,
we hold no regards to if or not we were born,
with silver spoons atop our mouths,

Aye await,
the sound of our victory songs,
for to relent we'd never do,
until our flag stands tall in the vast territories before our eyes..,
for we are brave men of the battle fields, commissioned by the divine to dominate our sphere!

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