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Away we go

The thought of loosing you makes my heart beat like a drum,

You are my morning sun, and my light show from the moon,

How soon can you attune our love as one,

When the wind blows the scent from you flows through me,

In every touch, we are stuck together,

Not even the greatest wind can blow our tree,

As we fly high and soar at ease through any weather,

You mean so much to me, and only I could be truly me with you,

Too many have failed to reach this state, this love we make in plain view,

In all the world I love only you, with all faces I only see you,

No need for the attention, we are only passing through,

It does not matter where the wing blows or where the river flows,

Our love will continue to grow, and only we will know where we will sail away to.


© 2020 Along with the wind