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Awakening of a Master

Awaken Now


Awakening Of A Master

I do not wish to be,
a common man.
I choose to awaken, as a Master,
because I can.

To follow the many footsteps,
of the enlightened ones gone by.
To meld with their Akash,
deep within I dearly cry.

To cleanse my Akashic records,
that’s in the cave for me.
To drop my negative Karma,
and completely set me free.

Free to enable my innate abilities,
as all the Masters told.
To shine my light on humanity,
the fear is gone, so now I'm bold.

To meld with past lives experience,
embody, souls wisdom and might.
And to walk in strength and knowing,
calmly radiating, just pure light.

All past Masters powers,
seemed, magical and free.
And yet they all expounded,
it is there for you and me.

My compassion’s growing in all ways,
for ancestors, for earth and me.
I magnify my compassion,
for all humanity.

There seems just one more thing to do God,
before my hand’s in thine.
I take my ego gently,
and now to you, I hereby, do Assign.

I am that, I Am.
I am complete.
As are you.

Author Neil Raymond Sperling

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© 2017 Neil Sperling

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