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Awakening .... Living LIFE

Arvella is a Registered Psychometrician (RPm), obtained her PhD Psychology in Manila. She is a freelance writer, blogger & a researcher.

Awakening.. Living LIFE

Life is so queer, confusing, unevitably glorious though;

WIth its ragged terrain, we bound about the rounds

Cycling over and over... again and again...

Up and down, up.... up.. and down.... down...

We'd never last when we're weak... we die...

Why live then? I may ask you...

Are you not tired with this games... and puzzles?

Alas! Have you not had come for a purpose?

To be understand and resented until... When?

Fulfill His Will... in your hearts desire unsedated.

Hush! Little child.... thou must sleep still..

Protected you are with this arms so bare...

Because you don't know of the world..

Should I let you open, accomodating...

You might fell into the world's bequiled suffering

Now, you're up in the wheel of life.

Those below cram their way, to put you down.

Suffering, this reason of selfishness abode in their hearts.

So, they must get you down through unspoken poisonous words.

With their sharp stares, clawing greedy hands and

cunning notorious smile ... don't give in

Be yourself infront of them but preserve a space

for yourself to shield you with their piercing blows

Give... so then, child, Know thy existence


© 2018 Arvella Albay

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